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Case Study: How “a new” A.I. Chatbot Integrates With Vantaca Community Management Software

March 9, 2023

While ChatGPT is attracting people’s attention, STAN's AI Chatbot has worked with Vantaca software hand in hand for years.  

We have helped numerous property management companies to integrate STAN into their Vantaca account. Today, we will explore the amazing transformations you will achieve by using STAN’s AI Chatbot with Vantaca. 

STAN Works with Vantaca to Ensure The Automatic Integration

We integrate with Vantaca to process all the community documents and populate answers in STAN’s dashboard automatically. This includes pulling all additional info fields into a knowledge base that automatically updates when managers make any change.

Specifically, we launched STAN for a property management company with 200 Homeowner Associations in less than 24 hours. The client didn’t lift a finger. 

Onboarding The Community Seamlessly

We used two ways to help every resident to know STAN. 

Firstly, we can integrate STAN with the phone number that the client is using for customer service. Every time a resident calls in, he/she will be presented with an option to receive a text message from STAN for instant assistance. In this way, the phone call volume can be drastically reduced 20% within the first week. 

Secondly, we will announce the phone number of STAN to the residents. Meanwhile, all the residents who registered with Vantaca can receive a text message from STAN to initiate the conversation. 

Based on our survey, 93% of homeowners want to be able to text with their management team. Almost half of all messages STAN received in 2022 were between the hours of 5pm and 8am. Saturdays and Sundays almost equaled normal weekday message volume. STAN fills the gap for property managers. 

STAN Pulls Data From Vantaca To Answer Account Inquiries

What makes STAN a better solution than ChatGPT is that it provides community specific answers whereas ChatGPT makes up information. For example, STAN pulls data from Vantaca to answer questions like account balances or outstanding fees that change in real time.

If the resident does not register in Vantaca, STAN will help people to register automatically.

STAN Submits All Action Items To Vantaca 

When the residents need to submit a maintenance request, place a work order, complaint, violation, or general inquiry, they just do it by texting STAN. After confirming the details, STAN will submit the request to the Vantaca Action Center and notify the manager automatically. 

STAN Books Amenities and Synchronize Data in Vantaca

The residents can get rid of the paperwork by just chatting with STAN to book the clubhouse, elevator, or any other amenity requiring registration. STAN will confirm the details from residents and synchronize the data in Vantaca. 

STAN Sends Out All The Community Notices

Property managers can use STAN to send text blasts for community events. Meanwhile, the updated event information will be stored in STAN. When residents ask about the upcoming events, they will receive the most up-to-date information from STAN. 

STAN x ChatGPT Writes For You

We just launched a STAN x ChatGPT writing tool for property managers on the STAN dashboard. Whenever property managers need to draft ANY notice or email, they can just ask STAN’s writing A.I. to generate the content immediately. 

STAN x GPT Writing Assistant to draft outbound messages for your community

STAN Offers Customization Options

STAN is easy to customize, and one of the most popular customizations is White Label. You can name the A.I. Textbot anyway you want. 91% of the property managers we surveyed are pleased with our Live Support Service to tackle any of their needs.

If your company uses the Vantaca system as our client does, you will find it extremely easy to integrate STAN. You will enjoy the benefits of automating repetitive tasks and increasing residents' satisfaction at the same time. Book a demo with us today and you will have an AI assistant right away. 

Kapilan Navaratnam

Kapilan Nava is a digital marketing specialist who is apart of the STAN team. STAN improves the lives of property managers by using artificial intelligence to improve the resident experience through communication.

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