Respond to residents without lifting a finger.

STANĀ answers questions from residents in your community about maintenance, account information, and amenity booking.

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Property Managers use STAN to answer homeowner questions 24/7.

The assistant that never sleeps. Answer any question residents in your community have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- instantly.

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STANĀ helps residents in any property, from HOAs to condos.

STAN works with community association managers all across North America and is compatible with any type of community.

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A dedicated solution for managers of any community.

Explore artificial intelligence in your community association.

Property Management AI made simple with STAN.

Max and Bogdan, two seasoned property managers, founded STAN- the AI assistant for property managers. They wanted to automate the manual processes of the industry and make the lives of managers easier.

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The co-founders of STAN AI, Max Gajdel and Bogdan Raic

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Join over 5,000 community associations across North America that use STAN.

What our clients say

Jennifer Jeckstadt, a Community Association Manager at CPM who has given testimony about STAN AI
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"Things get done faster, and our Board of Directors like that."

Regardless of where I am or what Iā€™m doing, I can knock out HOA tasks, even while Iā€™m on the go. It saves me time, which means things get done faster.

Jennifer Jeckstadt
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ā€œImpressed by STAN's integrationsā€

I am impressed with STAN's ability to be accessed from any phone number within my association. STAN's team made onboarding a breeze to set up accounts within our community.

Guilherme Porto
CAMĀ® atĀ Trident Management
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ā€œSignificantly helped increase efficiencyā€

I've been using STAN for years now and have found that it has significantly helped increase the efficiency of my office by reducing the number of emails and inquiries that my office receives from residents.

Arron Breen
OLCMĀ® atĀ Crossbridge

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