ChatGPT Use Cases For Property Management

March 15, 2023

As a property manager,  you may wonder why STAN AI is a better option than ChatGPT for property management. In short, ChatGPT can only provide general writing assistance, while STAN can integrate with your HOA software to pull real-time data to respond to homeowners accurately and increase the productivity of property managers through AI add-ons. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s look at some real use cases today. 

Account Inquiries

As you can see, STAN pulls the actual balance from the homeowner portal, where ChatGPT is unable to perform this function and answer one of the most popular questions from homeowners.

Unlike ChatGPT as a general-purpose AI, STAN is an established chatbot specifically made for property managers. It can be seamlessly integrated with any property management software (PMS) to handle account inquiries and provide accurate answers.

No matter if you use Vantaca, CINC, Enumerate, Yardi, Appfolio, Buildium, or any other PMS, you can integrate STAN quickly.

STAN has a 48-hour onboarding process for property management companies, so your team of managers can hit the ground running.

Service Requests

As you can see, ChatGPT is only able to provide general instructions. However, STAN is trained to understand the unique needs of property managers and residents.

STAN can submit real service requests and provide status updates. That is not something ChatGPT can do. It cannot capture, save, escalate real homeowner requests. On the contrary, STAN can take care of everything from start to finish, ensuring that all requests are handled efficiently.

Book Amenities

As usual, ChatGPT is not designed to work on tasks related to property management. On the other hand, STAN offers a seamless and hassle-free solution for booking amenities by connecting with any property management software.

By chatting with STAN, residents can schedule their preferred amenities efficiently. STAN also ensures that residents have the most up-to-date information on availability, which helps prevent double bookings and conflicts.

Send Text Blasts

While ChatGPT can provide suggestions about the communication channels and wording, STAN will execute the command from the manager directly. STAN works as property managers’ Personal Digital Assistant. It will send the community notice to each resident who has a registered phone number. STAN can even help verify the owner's phone number for the manager.

By chatting with STAN, managers can notify the entire community without emails. In this way, managers can keep their community informed and engaged in a more efficient way.

The Future is “applied A.I.”

Tools like ChatGPT are great, but they are general tools that need to be honed and applied to specific industries by experts from those industries. That’s why we created STAN for property managers.

We are applying a proprietary data set that uses millions of live homeowner/resident/tenant conversations to help automate the actual tasks that managers do. We will not just generate answers that have no context. Instead, STAN works as a professional property management assistant that reduces calls and emails by up to 83% for property managers. In fact, we have a 97% satisfaction rate amongst property managers that use STAN!

We believe in and support the power of tools like ChatGPT and they definitely have their space. For example, we created a ChatGPT writing assistant specifically for property managers on STAN’s dashboard. Managers can simply give the prompt and ask STAN x ChatGPT to write any community notice or email for them. They can also use our ChatGPT playground to generate any content for their needs.

If you are still searching for “ChatGPT for property management”, you can stop your search now. STAN A.I. is a mature AI chatbot that is specifically designed for property managers. It can be integrated into any property management software to handle account inquiries, process service requests, book amenities, send text blasts, etc.

As A.I. technology continues to soar to new heights, the future of businesses belongs to those who can apply A.I. to meet the unique needs of their customers. STAN A.I. has emerged as the perfect solution for automating property management, offering unparalleled customized services and ushering in a new era of innovation.

Get ready to experience a smarter, more efficient and seamless approach to property management with STAN!

Grace Zhu

As the Digital Marketing Specialist of STAN, Grace is committed to sharing insights and valuable information about community management.

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