HOA Maintenance - How to Automate Work Orders

July 7, 2023

HOA Maintenance is a routine process that community association managers perform to keep the common areas of their community in tip top shape. Aside from routine maintenance, there are repairs that need to be made when natural wear and tear occurs. 

When a homeowner notices an issue with the clubhouse door, they may snap a picture of the issue and send it to their community association manager- which is where the work order begins to take place.

The problem with this approach is that it’s currently a manual process. Once the community association manager receives the work order- they need to manually assess the damage, determine a scope of work, search for the vendor to fulfill the order, get bids, and monitor the situation until the issue has been resolved. The barriers of communication between each party could take weeks, or potentially months to resolve.

But did you know that community association managers can automate their HOA maintenance routine?

STAN is the first community association AI assistant that is designed to help community association managers automate work orders that are submitted to their property management software. From the initial contact between homeowner and manager to completed work order- STAN is able to automate what was once a manual process.

How does STAN help Community Association Managers with HOA Maintenance?

STAN not only responds to homeowners’ inquiries 24/7, but also streamlines the workflow for community managers.  

STAN integrates with your system of record seamlessly, so it has a knowledge base of your CC&Rs and understands everything about your community- including your maintenance routine.

STAN captures and submits service requests for homeowners

In the past, submitting a service request might be time consuming. First of all, homeowners need to look for the contact info of the management office. Then they need to make a phone call or write an email to describe the situation. It will take days for the right person to get back to them. 

With STAN, the process can’t be easier. STAN will be the point of contact for all the homeowners in the community, so they can easily text STAN to report an issue. STAN will access the situation and prompt the user to submit a photo along with the text description of the service request

After all the information has been filled out, STAN will create a work order in the PMS Dashboard! This work order will have all of the information submitted by the homeowner regarding the issue- which can then be managed directly in the PMS Portal. Community managers no longer need to read all the emails from homeowners and initiate the work orders in the portal, which saves them tons of time. 

STAN offers guidance for emergencies

If STAN identifies that the situation is a potential emergency, it will provide the essential information to help the homeowner contact the local authorities to handle the situation. 

STAN updates homeowners the status of a Service Request

The best part about using our AI Assistant is that STAN can keep homeowners updated regarding the status of the Service Request and can even request more info if it is too vague. Homeowners simply texts STAN and gets instant response- so community association managers don’t have to manually respond to them.

STAN Automates your Vendor Search to Fulfill Work Orders

Once the work order has been submitted, STAN will identify the type of HOA maintenance based on the category and assign the bid to a network of fully insured and verified vendors. 

For example, if the work order is to prune shrubs, STAN will be able to identify the issue and send out the work order request to a network of landscaping contractors, who can then place a bid on the job.

Approving, Denying, or Requesting a Revision from your Vendors

HOA Managers can approve, deny, or request a revision on an assigned work order bid by simply clicking buttons. They can set the top price they’re willing to pay for the job to be completed, and once they start receiving offers from vendors they can decide whether they want to move forward with their services. This gives managers full control and flexibility on who they want to work with at the price that suits their needs.

The best part about our new vendor fulfillment feature is that managers can set up a preferred list of vendors and select to work with service providers they’re familiar with.

How can I get Started Automating Work Orders with STAN?

Getting started with STAN is simple. Simply schedule a demo with our sales team and provide us with your door count to receive the best pricing for your community. We custom tailor STAN to suit the needs of every individual community association manager and onboard them in under 48 hours.

Once STAN is set up with your community, your homeowners can text STAN 24/7 about their account information, submitting service requests, and booking amenities.

Kapilan Navaratnam

Kapilan Nava is a digital marketing specialist who is apart of the STAN team. STAN improves the lives of property managers by using artificial intelligence to improve the resident experience through communication.

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