How to respond to HOA complaints

October 3, 2022

No matter how well you screen your residents, sooner or later you will probably have to deal with HOA complaints from a resident.

How you handle these complaints can make the difference between a satisfied resident who will be engaged in your community or an unhappy resident who will sell their home. The difference between a complaint and a compliance issue is different- so understand what each one means.

Complaint: A resident complaint is a problem or concern that is brought to the attention of an organization or individual.

Compliance Issue: A compliance violation is a failure to comply with the use restrictions that are laid out in an Association's CC&Rs.

What are the most common HOA complaints and how can a community manager solve them?

The most common complaints are typically about the condition of the common areas, such as the pool, clubhouse, irrigation, landscaping, or playground.

Other complaints may include noise levels, parking, and trash. A community association manager can solve these problems by working with the board of directors to develop policies and procedures that address these issues.

They can also work with the property management company to ensure that the common areas are well-maintained and that noise levels are kept to a minimum.

If you manage a HOA, you know that complaints are a part of life. But what if there was a property management chatbot that could help you respond to those complaints without losing the personal touch?

STAN is a property management chatbot that can help you respond to HOA resident complaints via text and email. STAN is available 24/7 and can help you resolve complaints quickly and efficiently.

STAN is easy to use. Simply send a text or email to STAN and the chatbot will help you resolve the complaint the same way you would. STAN can be set up to manage complaints with your same process and in any language.

STAN is a valuable tool for HOA managers. With STAN, you can resolve complaints quickly and efficiently, and provide better customer service to your residents.

For example, If a resident asks why the snow hasn't been plowed yet, STAN can educate the homeowner about what their dues cover and that the community's landscape contract says plowing doesn't happening until there is a 2 inch trigger.

STAN is equipped to respond to many different situations regarding home maintenance, payment solutions, account management, and more.

Feel the power of AI 
in your community.

How can you respond to HOA complaints from a resident?

Here are a few tips on how to handle resident complaints in a way that will help keep your residents happy:

  1. Listen to the complaint. Try to understand what the resident is really upset about. Oftentimes, the actual problem is not what the resident is complaining about. For example, if a resident complains that the heat isn’t working, the real problem may be that the apartment is too cold.
  2. Take the complaint seriously. Even if it seems trivial. Your residents need to know that you care about their concerns and that you are willing to take action to resolve the problem.
  3. Don’t take the complaint personally. It’s important to remember that the resident is not complaining about you as a person, but about a specific problem in their home or unit.
  4. Be prompt in addressing the complaint. The sooner you can resolve the problem, the better. This will show the resident that you are responsive to their needs and that you take their concerns seriously. Using a tool like STAN can improve homeowner satisfaction with prompt, instant messaging- available 24/7.
  5. Keep the lines of communication open. Let the resident know that you are available to discuss the complaint and that you want to hear their feedback. Maintaining a complaint log that can be reviewed in Board meetings is a great way to keep track of all complaints. By doing so, the manager can demonstrate a process for responding to complaints and refer complaints to the Board for follow-up.

Different types of complaints about the pool in an HOA

The residents might file a complaint with their HOA about the pool. Here’s a list of potential complaints that can be filed:

What kind of complaints might residents have about the clubhouse in an HOA?

It seems like every day, there's a new complaint about the clubhouse in our HOA.

Whether it's the noise level, the cleanliness, or the lack of activities, there's always something that residents are unhappy about. It's become a real problem, and something needs to be done about it. Here are some typical HOA complaints a resident might have with the clubhouse:

Lawn maintenance is a common complaint among residents of HOAs

If you live in an HOA, you know that there are always rules to follow. One of the most common rules is regarding lawn maintenance. Some residents take pride in their lawn and take the time to make sure it is up to HOA standards, while others couldn't care less. This can lead to complaints from residents about lawn maintenance.

What are complaints a resident might have about parking?

Parking is a huge topic of concern for members in an HOA. However, remember that there is a difference between a complaint and a compliance issue. The following list of parking issues below are complaints:

There are many things that can potentially go wrong within your HOA. Don't take it personal, and be professional when communicating with your homeowners. By following these tips, you can help turn a complaint into an opportunity to build a better relationship with your residents.

Kapilan Navaratnam

Kapilan Nava is a digital marketing specialist who is apart of the STAN team. STAN improves the lives of property managers by using artificial intelligence to improve the resident experience through communication.

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