Keeping Residents in the Loop with Text Blasts

November 14, 2022

Keeping in touch with your residents and answering any questions they may have is essential to building a thriving community.

This can be difficult when you have a lot of properties to manage. That's where STAN comes in. STAN is a chatbot designed specifically for property managers. STAN can help you send out text blasts (or mass texts) to your residents, colleagues, or community contacts.

STAN keeps everyone up-to-date on everything going on within their community. Not only does this make communication easier for you, but it also makes it more convenient for your residents!

Residents don't have to call or email you with their questions - they can just ask STAN. Plus, STAN is available 24/7, so your residents can get answers to their questions anytime, day or night.

Feel the power of AI 
in your community.

Once you send out a mass text blast using STAN, you don’t have to worry about the replies. STAN responds for you on your behalf- so you can prioritize other tasks. Here’s some examples of where you can use STAN to send out text blasts:

Send out a heads up to your residents about upcoming events

Your residents need to be kept informed about upcoming maintenance. In this way, you ensure that your residents are aware of what they have to do to prepare for maintenance.

The following example shows how STAN can be used to notify residents of upcoming fire alarms. Residents receive this blast informing them that the alarms are just a drill- so they need not worry.

Hello residents, especially residents at building #2. Supreme Restoration is cleaning a unit in Building #2. As a result, the fire alarms may go off in this building any time from now until 5:00 PM today. If this happens, please disregard them. Please note that the fire department has been contacted and is aware of the situation as well. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and have a nice weekend.

Send out reminders to residents about rules and regulations

Occasionally, community members may forget the rules or guidelines outlined in their CC&Rs. Make sure everyone knows and follows the rules by sending friendly reminders.

In addition to reducing complaints, this can be a proactive approach to keeping relationships with residents happy and healthy.

Here's an example of a manager using STAN to send out a text blast about animal restrictions and cleaning up after them.

Hello Community!

This is a reminder to please make sure you are following the animal restrictions as outlined in section 10.5 of the community’s CC&Rs. Upon leaving the unit residents must ensure their animals are properly leashed at all times and that any pet waste, unclean or unsanitary condition caused by the pet is disposed of/cleaned immediately. This helps the HOA avoid any unnecessary cleanup costs & to ensure there are no unintentional injuries due to an unleashed pet. Let’s keep our community safe & clean, thank you!

This is a great example of a heads up that many homeowners can appreciate. Public spaces can be cleared of waste- so other community members can enjoy them to the fullest.

Notify residents about rescheduled meetings

Did you know that you can use STAN internally as well? You can send blasts to board members about your next meeting.

Keep them updated on the status of your meeting too- by sending a blast about whether it’s been rescheduled, postponed, or canceled.

Here’s an example of a community manager who had to reschedule a meeting amongst their colleagues.

The annual meeting on 12/28/21 has been rescheduled for Thursday 1/6/22, the Zoom meeting access information is the same. Please continue to mail in/drop off election ballots, these will be opened and tabulated during the January 6th meeting. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

As you can see, STAN makes it easy to communicate with your community quickly and effectively. By using STAN, you can:

Relief for managers

STAN provides relief for managers by responding to texts quickly. Information is synced across platforms that STAN has access to, so the information is readily available.

Account data and community policies are integrated into STAN.

Here’s what managers had to say about the ease of use when using STAN:

Survey Results

STAN quickly responds to residents when I'm away from my desk/computer and takes things off my plate before I even know they're there!

The timeliness of responses and how it has added to our quality level of service and brand promise. It is a differentiator compared to our competition.

Availability of quick, automated responses and texting to and from all our homeowners. Can specialize responses to common, onsite questions.

I love that homeowners can get automated answers to their questions greatly reducing the number of phone calls and emails to the manager.

The timeliness of responses and how it has added to our quality level of service and brand promise. It is a differentiator compared to our competition.

Kapilan Navaratnam

Kapilan Nava is a digital marketing specialist who is apart of the STAN team. STAN improves the lives of property managers by using artificial intelligence to improve the resident experience through communication.

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