booking amenities

Your residents can book amenities instantly, 24/7.

Residents ask STAN to book the pool, clubhouse, gym, and other facilities in your community 24/7- so you don't have to.

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I want to book the elevator

Sure, I'll book the elevator for you.

STAN.AI Integrates with any software

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Homeowners can book amenities through STAN.

Your community's digital concierge can solve anything.

Residents can ask STANĀ about anything in their community and get an instant response 24/7. Here's why managers love using STAN:

You can talk to STAN as if he were a real person. Ask ANYTHING, from things to do in your city to recipes of your favorite meal.

Maintenance requests are submitted directly into your portal with STAN's built-in software integrations.

Booking amenities and facilities are all handled by STAN. From the clubhouse to the pool- STANĀ can schedule a time for your residents.

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Our sales team will walk you through a demo of STANĀ to help you customize a tailored solution for your community.

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Join over 5,000 community associations across North America that use STAN.
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Getting STANĀ integrated with your community is simple.


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Our Customer Success Team will onboard you in under 48 hours.


Enjoy STAN

After you've been onboarded, managers and homeowners can start using STAN!

STANĀ helps residents in any property, from HOAs to condos.

STAN works with community association managers all across North America and is compatible with any type of community.


Affordable pricing plans

STANĀ is used by all property types and is fully customized to the unique needs of your community. Whether you manage a HOA, Multifamily, Condominiums, Rentals, Commercial, Hotels, and Universities.


USDĀ per month
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Single property
1 to 99 doors
Unlimited FAQs with STAN
PMSĀ Integration
Full customization


USDĀ per month
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Single property
100 to 299 doors
Unlimited FAQs with STAN
PMSĀ Integration
Full customization


Contact for more information
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Multiple properties
300+ doors
Unlimited FAQs with STAN
PMSĀ Integration
Full customization

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